Trenchless Pipe Repair Services in Duarte, CA

Do you need sewer line repairs but you don’t want to dig up your yard? Call us to learn about our trenchless pipe repair services in Duarte and Los Angeles County.

Are you avoiding having your sewer line repaired because you don’t want to dig up your yard, driveway, patio, or other areas of your property? We have a solution – trenchless pipe repairs. This allows you to fix the line quickly and accurately, without having your yard dug up. To learn more about these services, or to schedule an appointment, call 1 Day Rooter & Plumbing for services in Duarte, CA. We offer straightforward pricing.

Does your aging piping system need to be replaced? Learn about our repiping services!

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair vs. Traditional Repairs

Why might you opt for trenchless sewer pipe repairs over traditional fixes? There are key differences between the two. Trenchless pipe repair services can fix issues with your piping system without having to undergo a large excavation project on your property to remove and replace broken or cracked pipes. In contrast, the traditional pipe repair method can damage your landscaping, driveways, patios, and other areas of your yard.

Issues That Can Be Resolved by Trenchless Pipe Repairs

Trenchless pipe repairs can fix several issues in your piping system noninvasively, without digging up your yard. Some issues this method can repair can include:

  • Cracks in clay, lead, plastic, and cast-iron pipes.
  • Corrosion in pipes caused by rust.
  • Minor pipe misalignment.
  • Tree roots that are infiltrating the piping system.
  • Sewage backups.

Schedule repairs quickly when you have an issue with your sewer line. Contact us for sewer line repair services in Duarte.

Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repairs

Scheduling trenchless sewer pipe repairs at your house can have many benefits. Some advantages can include:

  • Uses the latest technology: Our experts are able to resolve your sewer line issues underground using the latest technology.
  • Save your landscaping, garden, patio, and driveway: Since this method doesn’t require our experts to dig a trench, we can repair the sewer and water lines underground without damaging your yard, garden, patio, or driveway.
  • Save time and money: Using this method over more traditional options can save you money as you don’t need to replace your landscaping or other elements that can be damaged during the excavation process.

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